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Just a Sidebar: Confessions of a Fustrated Hostel Worker

Me selling local Bratislavan wine out of a frying pan.

Me selling local Bratislavan wine out of a frying pan.

I would like to interrupt my story to put out some information about hostel workers, as this is what I do when I decide to stop hitching for a while, I stop at a hostel for a month or two break from the road.

1. Hostels should be nice to their workers, don’t abuse us, and take advantage of us (I am talking of my personal experience with a hostel owner in Romania).

2. Hostel workers can be extremely fun people, ask the people from the hostel I am currently working at…last night was weird to say the least, but I had quite a good time.

Although we seem fun, and completely cool, we do have time off, whether its just a few hours a day, or a whole day off, its our time off! Please don’t assume that just because we are hanging out with everyone that it is okay to sit there and ask us a bunch of questions to do with working.

3. DON”T assume that its okay to sit and watch us sleep, waiting to run up and ask one million questions as soon as the first signs of consciousness appear…If I haven’t even had my first thought of the day, or haven’t even sat up in bed yet, why do you think it is okay to do this? There is someone working, sitting at the desk waiting for these questions!

PLEASE, when staying at a hostel, don’t assume everyone is working all the time…

that’s the end of my rant!

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