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Waltzing Barefoot In Bratislava

Congratulations Slovakia, a new high, promoting wine drinking to children!

Congratulations Slovakia, a new high, promoting wine drinking to children!

So, I have another sidebar post, and its only because so much seems to happen all the time, that it is hard to keep up, is it me, or do world wide bums have amazing experiences?

It all started on the 26th of August, a few gross things occurred, which I won’t mention in this blog…as…well, what happened was just plain weird. The hostel I am currently working at allows room for me to make a complete fool of myself, which I tend to take advantage of, and do so in the most extreme ways…

It was another pizza night, and Mariska had made sure to buy plenty of wine for me to sell, as always out of a frying pan…its my gimmick, and works well, especially if I’m a drunk mumbling fool, more people tend to buy wine. Long story short, I had gotten a few stuffies from “Manchester” to loosen up quite a bit…quite a lot actually…thats the other part of the story I would spill…

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I ended up drunk, running around barefoot, with a Guy Fawkes mask on (I acquired this at the Istanbul Protests in June). Before I knew it, Mariska and I were running barefoot through Old Town Bratislava. Two to three tourists ended up taking our photo, I as a masked Mr. Fawkes, and Mariska as my host and speaker.

As we were returning towards the hostel, we ran into a couple of Scottish men that were staying at our hostel. Somehow, we began talking about dancing, and one of the men grabbed Mariska, and whisked her away, twirling her about in a Waltz. I began to stare in awe, as I have never seen a man do something like this, and before I know it, I am taken up in the second man’s arms, and twirled through the square. I felt like I was floating…

There was a man sleeping on some fancy bus that was for one reason or another, parked in the square, and we woke him. Instead of what I thought would turn into a yell fest, he saw us Waltzing, and decided to help by turning on his headlights, which became like two spotlights on us, drunk, barefoot, and twirling on an empty Bratislavan square at 2 a.m.

I slept soundly that night, knowing that I had finally achieved some sort of class…

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