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5 Naked French Men

So, I just realized I forgot to write about something extremely entertaining that happened about three weeks ago.

We had five French guys staying here at the hostel, very good looking, tall, handsome…anyway, I sold quite a few shots to them, and even a bottle of Absinthe. I showed them how to play with the Absinthe, lighting it on fire and such, and we began playing drinking games…this is where they tell me an interesting plan.

So, they were doing a little Eurotrip, and decided that in each major city they were going to pose for a photo naked in public. Apparently, they stripped down in Budapest, Hungary, then realized that they didn’t have a photographer, so they began walking up to people – stark naked – asking them to take the photo…this is where I get pulled into their issue…

It is now 3 a.m. and I am working the night shift. I get bothered until I agree to take the photo, out in the square…I figure why not? Ive never had this odd of an opportunity, so might as well. It was cold outside, so I assume the water in the fountain was pretty cold…I got quite a few photos for them with their camera and even a few police officers are in the background! Yep, we got caught…and of course what they did was illegal, but they grabbed their clothes and ran naked through the square, back to the hostel.

The fountain the Frenchmen posed on.

The fountain the Frenchmen posed on.

Here is the video we took of me doing the “Statue of Liberty” with absinthe:

Absinthe and the Statue of Liberty

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