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So, I’m In the Slovakia Tabloids…

I am going to make this a short post, as I just arrived in Prague, Czech Republic and it is 10:30 p.m….and a whole load of things happened on my hitching trip today that I will write about in the morning! However, I do have one greatly interesting thing that even caught the eye of the most popular tabloid in Slovakia…with almost 200,000 readers daily!

About two days ago, the day I was supposed to leave, the hostel was very quiet, we had about 6 guests, at most. One thing leads to another and basically all the females in the common room end up with drawn on mustches and beards. I decide that Victor, one of the owners of the hostel, should shave his face into a Hitler-stache…just for giggles. Victor then turns around and decides that in order for him to go along with our charade, we must do something greater in return of his compliance.

So at about 1 a.m., Victor is chasing Kubo (the other hostel owner), a female guest from England, and I down through the main square in Old Town Bratislava, with a video camera…we three are in nothing but our skivvies, running around the fountain, and back to the hostel, as per the agreement. Victor immediately posts the video on Facebook, so in turn, we get on about shaving his Hitler-stache.

The next morning, we find that someone had turned our video into the tabloids…if you can believe it…and we are now going to be published! So, for your enjoyment, my moment of fame:

Yep….that’s me in both the main and inset photo…wearing the Guy Fawkes mask I got when I earned my stripes at the Istanbul protest back in June.

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