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Amsterdam to Paris…Wait…Barcelona?

So on my trek from Amsterdam; I encountered quite a few difficulties! I hitched out of the spot that is set aside for hitchhikers leaving Amsterdam, which was well enough. The guy who picked me up (mid 40s) decided that my blog sounded boring, and what could a person my age have anything interesting to say anyway? He assumes I talk to myself on the blog, and according to him, I shouldn’t have any followers…thanks!

The next people to pick me up was a car full of Muslim women from Morocco. They were sweet, gave me an umbrella, some apples, and a knife….yes! A knife! At first I thought it was for the apples, which I was going to eat then return the knife to them. One of the girls says “keep it…one of these days a man will try to get smart with you!” Those girls were awesome! They took me to the outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium.

I got stuck for a few hours at this gas station (the girls had run in and arranged with the cashiers to help me get a ride by asking everyone that arrived at the station). Finally, I was picked up by someone headed to Calais, France, which was not my exact direction, but still France! I was dropped off at the turn off where he would go north, since I was headed south.

The next driver to pick me up was Romanian…uh! I hate to say this, but had I known before hand, I would not have gotten into the truck with him, those guys usually give women travelers a hard time…which is what he did, and again with the HORRIBLE driving! I kept telling him to stop at the next station; he kept replying “This one is no good.” He promised to drop me outside of Paris, and I watched as we drove right through it, and kept going, until I screamed at him. I guess these guys don’t know how to listen to a woman until she screams! He finally drops me off, in a horrible place, on a highway that makes it extremely difficult to turn around back towards Paris. I sleep this night on a few chairs inside the gas station, where no one can see me, pretty sad, huh? So, I decide, why not make lemonade from Lemons? I’m in the direction of Barcelona, which I have wanted to see because of Sagrada Familia. So, I began my long trek towards Spain.

I get near the bottom of France and again have no place to go for the night, luckily, the station I was at had wifi and was open all night. This night, I don’t even attempt to sleep; I read and mess around on the internet instead. Enter Spanish truck driver at 7 a.m. I get into the truck, tired out of my mind, but willing myself not to sleep, because that’s just completely unsafe, and even more reckless than I already am. He turns and says “We will get stopped at the France/Spain border, if they ask you who you are, we are like this (enter horrible hand movement here).” I tell him he needs to drop me off immediately, first, because there is no border patrol in the Schengen Zone, so why did he bring that up? Second, there is no reason to say nasty things; border patrol doesn’t care about hitchhikers being picked up!

I am dropped at a station a few kilometers from the border of Spain, still in France. I’m not going to say where I slept at this point, it was daylight, and safe, and I was in a good spot, so, I won’t say where I slept; just know that I got three hours of sleep. By this time, I was FURIOUS with any sort of male being that came within 200 meters of me, and really, I just wanted to punch men in the face. I walk around the gas station, get yelled at by a few truckers looking for some other kind of woman, then I walk past a few who don’t have the decency to walk 100 meters to the bathroom, several other problems…yea, I just wanted to throw things at every male around.

Finally a female picks me up, and she is going all the way to Barcelona! Spain is extremely different in temperature compared to that of Paris, France; it was really warm! I got into Barcelona at around 4 p.m. that day and roughed it to the train station looking for wifi (Mc Donald’s is at the train station, however, there is not a single plug in Mc D’s and only ONE plug in throughout all the halls of the train station.) my computer doesn’t hold a charge longer five minutes, and the cord to charge the computer is messed up as well.

…To be continued


5 comments on “Amsterdam to Paris…Wait…Barcelona?

  1. kilaheem
    October 27, 2013

    Oh man! You sound like the female version of me! Sorry these dudes weren’t gentlemen fkn PIGS! We just had a huge discussion on hitchwiki about women hitchers they well be well interested to see this post i might try let them know about it.

    • akilinaskovil
      October 27, 2013

      oh thanks! yea, post my link! and I have seen a lot of discussion on women hitching, some men are really against it, the problem isnt the women hitching, the problem is society telling women they shouldnt hitch because of the certain men they come across, why should we have to give up things that we would like to do just because some men can keep their hands to themselves? Society likes to put it on women sometimes that we are asking for trouble when we do crazy things, but we shouldn’t be the ones scolded, the creeps are the ones who should be scolded! lol

      • kilaheem
        October 27, 2013

        One must go with one’s gut.
        I just met another female hitch hiker in Berlin. She said she had run into no problems at all, I was tempted to talk about your experience.

      • akilinaskovil
        October 28, 2013

        its weird when something bad happens for the first time….you have to force yourself to keep going, otherwise you freeze up, and get stuck!

      • kilaheem
        October 29, 2013

        Road = school

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