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8 Euro in Prague, Czech Republic

Yesterday morning I said my goodbyes to the other staff at Wild Elephant’s Hostel in Bratislava, and headed out to Prague, Czech Republic on my grand hitching route! My pack is by far too heavy, so tonight I must repack it a bit, get rid of a few things…I must warn you, this will be a boring post!

I made it to the highway point outside Bratislava, and sat down, just a hitchhiker with seven muffins (Maja made them for my trip). Soon, another lone female hitchhiker walks up and sits next to me, her name is Anna, she’s from Hungary. We chat a bit and wait about 2 hours. We are dropped off in a pretty horrible spot, as there aren’t any petrol stations in between the cities the people were traveling to, so now, we are stuck, hitching in the middle of a highway median. We are soon picked up by a man from Russia who is Muslim, thank God I speak a bit Russian, we converse about where he is from, what he does for work, and such things, possibly leaving Anna confused about what we were talking about.

We get into Prague about 7 p.m. and are dropped off in Old Town, where we separate ways. I get online to look at Couchsurfing, but it turns out I can go to a hostel and have a couple nights free, so I walk two km with my over heavy pack and tent. At this point, I have a few apples, some pears, carrot muffins, some kind of Soviet wafers and two large chocolate bars, ten Euro in my pocket and 100 Czech Crowns (about four Euro).

I ate an apple and a few muffins on my trip to Prague, so I am now down to two muffins, but I still have everything else. I wondered around Prague for about four hours today, saw all the tourist attractions, then headed back to the hostel to rest. I spent a total of eight Euro for food and batteries for the camera, and tomorrow, I will head out on a long stretch to Amsterdam, 877 km away. Right now, nothing is better than sitting with a free beer and  listening to good music in a warm hostel!


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